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Smart Biomedical Opto-electro-mechanical Cross-discipline Integration Industry Alliance

The alliance is a professional platform to cooperate with national talent cultivation, support regional industrial development, enhance industrial competitiveness, and activate industry-university exchange thinking. The matching R&D center is an integrated alliance that integrates interdisciplinary knowledge and technologies such as optoelectronic engineering, electrical machinery, machinery, chemical engineering and physics. Industrial applications of opto-mechanical-electrical integration systems include automated manufacturing and testing equipment, laser processing technology, optical imaging technology, biomedical photoelectric detection equipment, laser biomedical surgery, optical switches and modulation components of optical communication components, digital cameras and mobile phones Autofocus and zoom lenses for cameras, optical disc players, flat panel displays, optical projectors, 3D optical displays, optical scanners, laser printers, and the list goes on and on. The alliance integrates the research and development achievements of many professors in the past, hoping to solve the problems encountered in the industry through the sharing of cross-field technologies, such as the application of color lighting technology to achieve automatic optical inspection, and the application of laser spectroscopy technology to achieve laser processing. Real-time monitoring, application of auto-focus technology to achieve real-time sensing of processing machines, application of electrical measurement to achieve sensing of biochips, etc. The alliance's core technologies lie in optical system design, spectral imaging, laser spectroscopy, optoelectronic material analysis and growth, precision mechanical design, automatic optical focusing and scanning, biochip fabrication and sensing. The alliance provides technical support and core services for cooperative enterprises, and aims to strengthen the core technology of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of domestic industries, and achieve the purpose of the industry-university technology alliance cooperation plan.


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