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E-commerce Certificate


          E-commerce has flourished so far. According to the information from the Institute, in the year 2016, the average online shopping spending in Taiwan reached NT$27,715 . More than 80% are willing to cross-border shopping. The total amount of global e-commerce transactions has also exceeded 2 trillion US dollars. The market in other countries has become a global trend, and the market in the Asia-Pacific region has attracted the most attention. Under the new competition principle of digital media and e-commerce, how to master this development and challenge to cultivate professionals in the e-commerce environment is the main motivation for establishing this course.

          In view of this, the course will integrate information technology, business management and cultural and creative tourism and other related courses, and the teachers of the Wen, Social, Industrial and Management Schools will start classes to provide the most innovative curriculum planning. The course focuses on developing students to understand how to market in the new online environment through information technology, cultural creativity and innovative models. This course will train students to master regulatory and technology changes, strategy development, information systems planning and online marketing management in an e-commerce competitive environment. In addition, this course will focus more on developing students' broader thinking models, the ability to analyze and gain insights, effectively guide change and respond to challenges, and help companies use information and network technology to transform into a more globalized world. organization.

          Therefore, the purpose of establishing this course is threefold. First is to provide the needs of the cultivation of talents in the local industry in line with the promotion of the university's social responsibility plan. Second is to provide a multi-disciplinary e-commerce study for the bachelor and master students of the school. Third, to encourage students to learn e-commerce with a more systematic and comprehensive cognition, can cultivate new generation talents in this area; three to research and promote e-commerce, accumulate relevant knowledge and information of e-commerce to build a complete The rich knowledge base is expected to be helpful to the national society.




CEC-Certified E-Commerce Consultant


  • CECTM Introduction     

          ICECC originated in 1996 in San Francisco, New Orleans, and Louisiana. The CEC members are composed of a group of professional college professors and network professionals, recognized by more than 75 countries and working with the world's top universities. 

  • CECTM Certification    

          EC-Council e-commerce certification is mainly divided into three levels, from low to high respectively.
        1. CEA : Certified e-Business Associate
        2. CEP : Certified e-Business Professional
        3. CEC : Certified e-Business Consultant
         Students can obtain CEA certification by passing any of the 11 subjects in the exam. Those who pass the exams in 3 subjects can obtain CEP certification. If you want to further obtain CEC certification, you only need to pass the exam of designed and applied e-commerce.


  • Authentication object

          CECTM certification objects are the following :
           1. College graduates or above who are interested in e-commerce .
          2. Relevant colleges and above related to electronic related departments (such as asset management department, capital department, e-commerce department) and enterprise management.
          3. Those who have completed relevant credits can apply for credit certification. 
          4. Management class staff with the latest information and strategies for e-commerce. 
          5. Scholars and researchers working in the IT industry How to obtain CECTM certification. 
         6. More than three years of e-commerce related experience or industry background for e-commerce related supervisors. 
          7. University e-commerce / asset management / business management related departments, completed e-commerce related credits.
         8. Complete CECTM training course.
         9. After obtaining the certificate, you must complete 15 hours of training and education approved by ICECC every year to obtain the certificate qualification.

~CMCA passed CEC certification in 2007, and students can obtain CECTM certification through the e-commerce course.~




  • E-commerce application and activity achievement





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