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2021 RegTech & Computer Auditing Case Competition Warm-up Match

2021/06/19 9:00am RegTech & Computer Auditing Case Competition- First run link



RegTech & Computer Auditing Case Competition is going to held in 2021. Our vision is to concentrate on promoting the financial and accounting field and training potential talents to the related filed. The project includes the flexible AI application to RegTech, computer Auditing, interior control also risk management. We’ve been attracted more than 400 students from over 15 universities to join, also with many international students from Thailand, Vietnam, China, India lift up the RegTech & Computer Auditing Case Competition to international stage.

This year, we cooperate with ICAEA and invite international teams from USA, Japan, Arabic countries to participate this online competition together. We expect to see more potential stars and talented people interact with each other through countries and cross cultures.

The RegTech & Computer Auditing Case competition method has been running by the “practical experiences combinations”, which the topic always decided through the related industries, according to the real case, students will adapt the academic knowledge and apply to practical experiences. Both students and industries could feedback each other through these competition.

For the competition this year, we are more focus on the topics of AI in banking, insurance, stocks, digital money and third-party payment.

The competition will be held in three session, from the first run, semi-final and the final. The competition has two items to join, one is application, the other one is techniques. The first run will be held on 2021/06/19 (Saturday).

*Application section: focus on ACL software applies to Regtech or Auditing, students major in accounting and finance are encouraged to participate.

* Techniques section: focus on the technique’s development on Regtech or Auditing fields, students major in MIS and computer science are encourage to participate.



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Taiwan Chair

Taiwan Chair

America Chair

America Chair

Shi-Ming Huang

Dean for R&D of National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan


Tawei (David) Wang

School of
Accountancy &MIS,
College of Business,DePaul University, United States




Industry Reviewer

Image Image Image


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC )
Audit Service Manager


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC ) 
Risk and Control Service Manager


Deloitte & Touche
Risk Advisory Services consultant



Academic Reviewer

image image image

Tawei (David) Wang

Associate Professor,School of Accountancy & MIS, College of Business,DePaul University


Professor, National Chung Cheng University
Department of Accounting and Information Technology


National Chung Cheng University
PhD student, Department of Accounting and Information Technology  





Competition Procedure and standards of Grading

1. Competition Procedure (adjust according to NHCC)

a. Preliminary (online)
  • Each team need to make the video and sent to selected mail address. Judgement would examine days before online oral defense.
b. First run
  • The method will be single-blind examination. The team need to be prepared two minutes before review. Since the time start, the team has to hang out the report (three copies needed) to judgements and illustrate the performance.

c. Final
  • The method will be single-blind examination. The team need to be prepared two minutes before review. The presentation is 5 minutes, then will be 3 minutes QA session. The final result will be announced after evaluation and award.

2. Standards of Grading




Productivity Value

Team Work


Specification on works and Preparation items

1. Specification on works
  • The video time limit is 3 mins

2. Preparation items
  • Laptop: display

  • Introduction Video: flexible preparation to introduce the team or any vision. The time limit is 3 mins

  • Paper report: Three copies is needed. A4, 20 pages restriction.

  • Paper work content: Motivation, conception, system structure, application, productivity value.

(Please hang the paper work when you arrive and check in)


Announcement and Award

Participated certification.

To Final run, First prize: certification and NTD

To Final run, Second prize: certification and NTD

To Final run, Third prize: certification and NTD

To Final run, Fourth prize: certification and NTD

To Final run, Fifth prize: certification.

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