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Sponsors:National Chung Cheng University EC、SAbF


Student:Cheng Hao Yeh (葉政澔)


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竹產業,正確來說應該稱之為"綠金",因為在綠色建築所條列的多樣項目,竹子符合其中大多數的規範。全世界在資訊不斷革新和 環境意識提升下,人們對於竹產業的發展也重新燃起興趣。目前,在全球居住問題上,竹子被視為低成本的替代能源,且已解決多個發展中國家 所面臨困境。竹子其實一直以來都廣泛使用在建築材料,特別在房屋建築上,甚至現在已經廣泛被認為是21世紀的超級能源。 它是目前已知生長最快速,產量最高的可再生自然資源之一,可以有效替代木材,大大降低樹木被砍伐的數量。 竹子屬禾本科,因此他成熟時間僅需4-6年時間,遠快於需花費20年時間生長的成年樹木,加上在每次採收後,竹子也都會在短時間重新長出新芽。 因此總和以上因素,我們認為在竹材的使用應該被大力推廣。


在BMTPC的支持下,南亞竹子基金會(SABF)為印度許多地區的社區和公眾開展了有關用竹子建造和建造竹廁的國際和區域培訓計劃, 以提高當地的能力和技能。


Bamboo is rightly called the green gold as it qualifies under many of the categories listed for green building materials. Globally, there is a resurgence of interest in Bamboo in this age of information revolution and environmental consciousness. Bamboo is being currently looked upon as an alternate low cost material for the enormous housing problem faced by several developing countries. Bamboo is has always been popular as a building material, especially in house-building and is now widely regarded as the super material of the 21st century. It is one of the fastest growing and highest yielding renewable natural resource making it a good substitute to wood in mitigating pressure on natural forests. Bamboo is a family of grass; it matures in as little as 4 to 6 years much faster than hardwood trees which can take 20 years and above to reach maturity. It sends out new shoots after each harvest and has unrivalled capacity to capture carbon.

Its usage needs to be promoted – leveraging this super material as a sustainable solution to sanitation challenges in areas that still do not have access to proper toilets will not only help in ‘Clean India Mission’ but also help the cause of leveraging bamboo as an economic tool to drive socio economic development of India, which incidentally also has the second largest bamboo reserves in the world. Bamboo walls & partitions panels, bamboo floors and corrugated bamboo roofing sheets, including Bamboo toilet seats can all be part of such toilets. Bamboo indeed has tremendous potential not only to transform India’s rural economy, but also to contribute to the sustainable development efforts.

Supported by BMTPC the South Asia Bamboo Foundation (SABF) has conducted International and Regional training programs on Building with Bamboo and construction of Bamboo Toilets for community and public in many parts of India to enhance local capacity and skills.



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