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About us

In the 21 century, single industrial automation is not sufficient to deal with the tenfold accelerated environmental change in the future. In this information era, no matter manufacturing or business has to face the variety of consumer demand, the requirement of speeded product transformation, and the problems of Supply Chain Management (SCM) integration and real-time response. Therefore, aiming at the goal of how to rise Taiwanese industries to part of the global manufacturing Supply Chain Management (SCM) in order to build the global competitive characteristics of the manufacturing and service industry in Taiwan, as well as expanding profundity and scope of the manufacturing and commerce integration in relevant core technical research and human resource training become extremely important.

After years of teaching and researching in business automation and industrial automation,National Chung Cheng University established the Center for e-Manufacturing and e-Commerce to integrate and demonstrate all the research achievement so far. This center is an important governmental resource center for e-industry demonstration, the executive body for MOEA’s e-business personnel training project、the demonstration center for the Ministry of education advisory office’s EDUMFG project, a consulting institute certificated by MOEAIDB, and the registry for lifetime learning passport by MOEASMEA. We endeavor to develop systems and solutions for industrial automation, offer associated certificated program and conferences, and publish relevant reference books.


CMCA Activity

In recent years, the center has hosted large activities such as the Fintech robot self-made competition and the university social responsibility-Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation project. It has greatly reverberated in the industry and cultivated outstanding talents in the industry. In the Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation project, the traditional industry through the center's coaching and promotion, the model combines e-commerce, cultural revitalization and innovative service models to expand production value .


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